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WH2 is the french distributor of the Phill system by BRC FuelMaker 

The future starts at home with Phill, the compressed natural gas (C.N.G) refuelling application for vehicles. It can be easily installed at home* and consumption directly charged to your gas bill costs! Now you can spare fruitless loss of time, your car always ready to go! BRC FuelMaker, worldwide leader in automotive LPG and CNG components and systems manufacturing and trade, made this possible. BRC FuelMaker also offers small and medium company's fleets solutions (FMQ) and special applications for CNG filling stations.

The WH2 offer includes : 

  • The set-up of the Phill compressor 
  • Technical aid
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance 
  • Eventual funding of your equipement
 P30 @50Hz
Electricity consumption
0,85 kW
Flow1,5 m3/h
Temperature Rangeda -40 C a +45 C
Outlet pressure207 bar
Alimentation110/220 Volt
Acoustic Emission
40 dBA a 5 mt
Provided with
n1 refueling hose tear
Dimension762 x 356 x 330 mm
Weight43 kg

The avandatges of C.N.G : 

  • C.N.G is the cheapest fuel 
  • CO2 emissions are reduce by 20% compare to the gasoline
  • Reduction of 80% of NOx and 90% of fines compare to the gas-oil
  • Low emission of pollutants



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