METHANOL and HYDROGEN Fuel Cell  (25W à 5000W)


  • WH2 distributor of Mehthanol Fuel Cell made by SFC

- EFOY Fuel Cell 25, 65 et 90 W (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) are particulary suitable for security and surveillance, environemental data or telecomunication. 


- Fuel Cell can be integrated in a cabinet as an outdoor energy solution for remote power supply, or in a ProCube a complete, mobile and maintenance-free off-grid power supply solution – ready for use anytime and anywhere.



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  • WH2 distributor of hydrogen fuel cell GreenHub made by Horizon Fuel Cell
Horizon and WH2 are now introducing a complete suite of standby power system that are able to run on bottled industrial hydrogen gas, or metal hydride canisters able to store renewable energy using PEM electrolyzers. The GreenHub line of UPS systems ranges from 500W to 5kW, and combines self-humidified PEM fuel cells from Horizon with ltalain system engineering by H2Planet, including innovative remote control features via GPRS using iPhones or PDAs.

HYinONE 1000


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