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In addition to industrial and commercial markets, a new market is emerging for hydrogen: energy hydrogen with applications for vehicles of all kinds and a strong need for CO2 neutrality.

- powering of forklifts and industrial trucks in the USA, 2008
- stationary applications in the USA and Japan, 2014/2015
- production of small automobile series (10 000/year) 2018/2020
- production of large of over 100 000 vehicles/year

Currently, 96% of hydrogen is produced from hydrocarbons. Regardless of the type of market, the key issue for the hydrogen economy is reducing CO2 emissions.

WH2 is a key player in supplying green hydrogen to major global industrial gas players. In October 2011, an initial pool attracted the management team and their networks composed of both individuals and legal entities. This stage allowed WH2 to establish itself in the green hydrogen production and usage world.

We propose that venture capital seize this opportunity to develop a firm on an emerging market.

The second pool is planned for the first half 2012.

Our council: Cédric Sapede - Landwell & Associés.

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